Future broadband satellite communication systems should be able to offer terabit capacity and very high data rates as requested by the current market both for broadcast and multimedia applications. The goal is to offer satellite-based solutions competitive to the ones provided by the terrestrial network, with in addition the ability to reach directly any end user, whichever his location. This requires the use of high carrier frequencies in the Ka or Q/V bands and beyond in order to achieve the large bandwidth requested.

Head of Lab: prof. Michele D’Amico

The CE.S.A.R.E. Laboratory (CEntro Studi Applicazioni Radio Elettriche) is a valuable experimental facility created at the beginning of the years 2000s. The main missions of the Lab are: to support our research activities in the field of  Antennas; to support Italian SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to face the challenge of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); to evaluate the exposure of population to electromagnetic fields; to offer training courses for technical personnel.