Head of Lab: prof. Michele D’Amico

The CE.S.A.R.E. Laboratory (CEntro Studi Applicazioni Radio Elettriche) is a valuable experimental facility created at the beginning of the years 2000s. The main missions of the Lab are: to support our research activities in the field of  Antennas; to support Italian SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to face the challenge of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC); to evaluate the exposure of population to electromagnetic fields; to offer training courses for technical personnel.

Research activities in antennas are focused on the design and testing of innovative, compact antennas for the UHF band and for higher frequencies, with particular emphasis on pattern and polarization reconfigurable antennas for MIMO systems. As far as electromagnetic compatibility is concerned, the laboratory can carry out measurements and tests in both full-compliance or pre-compliance regime; moreover, its personnel can support SMEs in the design phase and/or during prototype characterization, exploiting the large knowledge base available at Politecnico di Milano.

The CE.S.A.R.E. lab has a semianechoic chamber, whose  dimensions are  7 m x 4 m x 3.5 m and has been qualified in the range 26 MHz to 18 GHz; ancillary instrumentation needed for conducted and radiated immunity and emissions testing is also available. The chamber can be converted into a fully anechoic chamber for antenna measurement by adding absorbing material on the floor.