Michele D'Amico was born in Italy in 1965. He graduated from Politecnico di Milano in 1990; in 1997 he received his “Ph.D. in Mathematics” from the University of Essex (UK), with a thesis entitled “An Anisotropic Model of the Electromagnetic Properties of the Melting Layer, and Comparison with Radar Observations”, under the supervision of Prof. A.R. Holt.

He was Assistant Professor at DEI from 1993 to 2002. Since 2002 he has been Associate Professor in Applied Electromagnetics. Teaching duties include lectures and classes on Electromagnetic Fields, RF circuits and Antennas.

Research activities include radarmeteorology, electromagnetic wave propagation in the troposphere, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Research activities in radarmeteorology have followed three main themes: first, the development of a software radar simulator, that generates the time series of the signals received by a meteorological polarimetric Doppler radar operating on a virtual environment. Second, the development of an anisotropic electromagnetic model of the melting layer. Third, the development of the new Radar Signal Processor of the S-band Doppler radar located in Spino d’Adda; this activity included the acquisition of the processing hardware and the implementation of the numerical algorithms.

Research activities in electromagnetic waves propagation were focused on the interaction between EM waves at frequencies above 10 GHz and the troposphere (and its constituents like gases, hydrometeors, etc.). Again, three main themes: development of a physical model for the prediction of interference, due to rain scatter, among independent satellite communication systems operating on the same frequency; investigation of the performance of a cluster of small Earth-space communication terminals employing small-scale, multiple-site diversity technique; characterization of the propagation of laser beams in the lower troposphere, for applications to Free-Space Optics communication systems.

Since May 2004 he is responsible for the experimental activities of the CE.S.A.R.E. laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, located in Busto Arsizio, and dedicated mainly to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). A description of the lab can be found here.

He has been responsible for numerous research contracts, signed with both public entities and private companies.

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